A unique gold diamond engagement ring


Gold is available in many various types and different colours reflecting its composition: white gold, yellow gold, red gold, brown gold or black gold. 

The ideal standard in the manufacture of a unique gold diamond engagement ring is 18-carat gold, regardless of the colour. This means that the gold has a purity of 75% mixed with 25% of other materials, such as silver and copper. Since pure gold is a soft material, a higher percentage of pure gold would make the jewel too soft.

It is impossible to see the amount of cheaper metals used in the manufacture of a certain gold diamond engagement ring with the naked eye, even with the trained eye of the most competent jeweller or chemist.

At first glance, white gold and platinum jewellery look alike but both materials can be distinguished from each other thanks to the diamond-shaped hallmark for gold content.

With time, white gold can lose its white lustre because the original colour of pure gold is not white. The white gold diamond engagement ring can acquire a yellow undertone. The gold diamond engagement ring can regain its original white lustre by re-polishing and rhodium plating.

With platinum there can be no question of any colour loss as platinum is white by nature. The white lustre of this metal will hence never disappear.

If your fiancé carries out much manual labour or frequently comes in contact with detergents, etc., we suggest you consider a platinum engagement ring.