Planning to pop the big question? Buy an engagement ring and you are off to a good start

verloving_1Most girls dream of this from a young age, while for many men it is above all very exciting: the perfect marriage proposal.

In rom-coms men often perform the craziest feats in order to propose to their beloved in the right way. They buy a magnificent diamond engagement ring, go down on one knee in a romantic setting and pose the big question: “Will you marry me?”

Fortunately, in reality there are in fact no rules except that the location, the choice of engagement ring (for example a princess cut diamond engagement ring or a round solitaire diamond engagement ring) and the way in which the proposal is made, should fit the couple. Of course many women are happy when their prospective fiancée pulls out all the stops for his marriage proposal and buys an expensive diamond engagement ring, but a spontaneous proposal can be also just as touching.

A tad less conventional perhaps, but who says that the man must always ask the woman? The reverse is of course also quite possible!

An engagement ring and diamonds have long been inextricably linked. A diamond ring is a symbol of eternity, strength and brilliance. These attributes make it the perfect way to mark your engagement.

Expert advice is therefore entirely worthwhile when you are considering buying a diamond engagement ring because of the emotional and monetary value of the jewel. A diamond expert may also help your further in the choice of the type of diamond engagement ring: a solitaire round diamond engagement ring or a princess cut diamond engagement ring or a trilogy ring, etc.

verloving_2In ancient Egypt the engagement ring was a symbol of an eternal cycle and the encircled space seen as the way thereto. Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger (ring finger) as the Ancient Egyptians believed that this finger contains a vein going straight to the heart (vena amoris). The Romans believed that the ring was a status symbol rather than a sign of love.

The Greeks were the first to use engagement rings. However, the first documented offering of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria of the imperial court of Vienna for his engagement to Mary of Burgundy. This proposal influenced the higher social class, who adopted the practice of giving diamond rings to their loved ones.

In 1870, the discovery of diamond mines in Africa greatly increased the supply. As the production increased along with demand, people of more modest means were also able to join this practice.

In Western civilization, the future bride is expected to permanently wear her diamond engagement ring as an expression of her commitment.

Above all, diamonds express a strong emotional value. The offering of a diamond is tied to a special moment in the life of a couple. In this way, the diamond forever symbolizes the bond between the giver and the wearer and stands as a symbol for why the diamond was offered; for example, for an engagement or a birth.Voor de meeste vrouwen is het iets waar ze sinds jonge leeftijd over dromen, voor veel mannen is het vooral heel spannend: het perfecte huwelijksaanzoek.