How much time is needed for buying a diamond engagement ring?

The quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring is a time consuming enterprise. Since the purchase of a diamond engagement ring often is not only a substantial financial but also emotional investment, you should take the time to become well informed.

On sites like this you can find much useful initial information. If however you feel more comfortable going to a jeweller to gather the necessary information about a diamond engagement ring, you can of course make an appointment with the (online) jeweller of your choice. Professional diamond jewellery consultants are only too happy to help you.

If you choose to go to a traditional jeweller, you can in most cases take your diamond engagement ring with you immediately upon payment, but sometimes there is a waiting period of several weeks. With an online jeweller there is usually a production process of about 4 to 10 business days, depending on the nature of the chosen engagement ring.

Buying a diamond engagement ring online allows you to conveniently shop without even leaving your house. Here you will find a number of advantages of buying diamond engagement rings online.