Guarantees: certified diamond engagement rings with a hallmark


Buying diamond engagement rings often brings many uncertainties.
Since most consumers are no experts in examining the quality of the diamond and have few reliable sources to rely upon, they are afraid that they might pay too much for their chosen diamond engagement ring or that the quality of the jewel will not be up to standard.

Fortunately you can rely on a number of guarantees when buying a diamond engagement ring!



At BAUNAT, only certified diamond engagement rings are sold: every diamond above 0.30 ct has a certificate that lists the specific characteristics or 4 Cs of a diamond. This certificate is a laminated and secure document stating the important elements that a diamond displays. These vital characteristics determine the value of a diamond, but give no specific information about its financial value. Each diamond engagement ring owner can have their diamond certified by (inter)national accredited gemmological laboratories. HRD, IGI and GIA are the most well known and reputable.

In principle, all relevant information about the appearance and brilliance of a diamond is found on the certificate issued by a recognized laboratory. It is entirely possible to buy a certified diamond engagement ring online without having physically seen the diamond, when the jeweller can provide the certificate. After all, you can learn more about the true quality of a diamond through the certificate than just by viewing the real one.

To find out more about certificates and the 4 Cs, click here.

You should inquire further at your jeweller as to whether any (extra) guarantees are offered, as to ensure a good quality purchase. Such guarantees can, for example, be in the form of a certificate from the jeweller, in which all the practical information such as purchase date, article name of your certified diamond engagement ring, certificate number of the diamond, etc., will be given. This certificate then applies as your warranty.

Depending on the jeweller, the guarantee spans from 0 to 20 years. It is certainly advisable to ask for a guarantee of many years, in order to ensure the high quality of the materials and diamonds used in the engagement ring.

Some online jewellers offer a 30-day return policy. This means that you may return the certified diamond engagement ring within 30 days of receipt if it does not meet your requirements, or if for some reason you decide not to keep the jewel. You will receive a full refund. You may also exchange it for another ring.

We at BAUNAT also opt for maximum guarantees for the consumer. Thus we not only offer you the possibility of returning the certified diamond engagement ring within 30 days if it does not meet all your requirements, but we also guarantee the high quality of our jewellery with a warranty of no less than 20 years.

You can rely on the hallmark to judge the quality of the precious metal from which the jewel is made. This stamped mark guarantees the quality of a precious metal.

Such a hallmark not only protects consumers against fraud, but also the jeweller or retailer against unfair competition. Through the centuries, gold and silver has been mixed with other metals because these materials in their pure state are too soft to make jewellery.

In other words, the hallmarks guarantee the correct composition of silver, gold and platinum.


For 18 carat gold – whether white gold, yellow gold or red gold – this diamond-shaped stamp always refers to the best ratio for gold, namely alloy Au750 – 75% pure gold

PT stamp

For platinum, a hexagonal stamp indicates the alloy Pt950 – 95% pure platinum

Ag stamp

For silver, an oval stamp indicates the alloy Ag925 – 92.5% silver