Caring for your diamond jewellery

How to maintain and protect your diamond jewellery

Your diamond jewellery can sparkle for a lifetime if you are willing to occasionally make a little effort. Here are some tips to keep your diamond jewellery in perfect condition and protect it against damage.

Protecting your diamond jewellery

Diamond is the hardest of all precious stones. Hence only diamonds can damage each other. To keep your diamonds perfectly brilliant and scratch-free, they can be best stored in their original box, a soft pouch or a specially designed jewellery box. It is very important to ensure that the diamonds are not stored touching each other.

The diamond is not the only part of the jewel that needs to be protected. The precious metal from which the rings, for example, are made should be polished and protected. In order to maintain an optimal brilliance, it is advisable to avoid frequent contact with chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and liquid detergents. We also recommend removing a diamond ring when performing rough work because its edges are fragile. It is also a good idea to occasionally inspect your jewel for possible loose parts.

Care of diamond jewellery

You can polish and maintain your own diamond jewellery. It is easier than you think: gold, platinum, diamond and gemstones are easy to maintain with the following cleaning products:

  • A mild detergent solution. Immerse your jewel in a bowl of warm soapy water with a gentle soap or detergent. Brush with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm running water. Blot the jewel dry with a soft, lint-free cloth: do not use paper towels. Remember, of course, to plug the sink.
  • Ammonia. Place your diamond jewel in a bowl with a solution of 50% cold water and 50% ammonia. After half an hour soaking, gently clean with a soft toothbrush. Rinse and then let dry on paper towels.

Professional Cleaning

Optimum cleaning can be achieved with ultrasonic cleaners. These are best for an easy cleaning of jewellery with many nooks and crannies, but can only be used for diamond jewellery, as they are harmful to other gemstones and pearls.

Your jeweller can provide this service.

BAUNAT would also be pleased to clean your engagement ring or other diamond jewellery.