Buying a diamond engagement ring online offers many benefits

Choice of jeweller:’ brick and mortar’ vs. ‘click and mortar’.

Next to the traditional way of shopping at the jeweller in a so-called brick and mortar shop around the corner, you have the choice now of buying a diamond engagement ring online in a so-called click and mortar shop thanks to the advent of the Internet. This offers many benefits:

  • You can purchase your desired diamond engagement ring in a shop in any country and from any location (home, work or on the move)
  • You can easily compare the prices and customer service for the same engagement ring from different retailers located in various countries
  • The law protects online shoppers and offers the buyer a minimum of a 14 day return period upon delivery of the jewel

In comparison to a brick and mortar store, online shops do not need shelf space. The associated costs for security and a luxurious interior can thus be avoided, as well as the many other costs associated with operating a traditional brick and mortar shop.

Here at BAUNAT we also offer the above benefits. We start the fabrication process of the diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewellery after receipt of payment, so only after the sale of the jewel do we order the diamond and gold or platinum and are thus able to limit our stock and save on other costs, such as increased security.

Needless to say, viewing and buying a diamond engagement ring online is extremely convenient. Yet sometimes you would rather view the jewels in a showroom or shop, to see them with your own eyes. Here at BAUNAT we offer you the opportunity to make an appointment in the showrooms in Antwerp or Paris. This way, as (online) buyer, you can also view and try on the collections in all discretion and in pleasant surroundings.

More than 90% of BAUNAT customers buy diamond engagement rings online, by mail or by phone. This enables us to cost-effectively build a rapidly growing worldwide customer base without having to invest in luxury retail outlets and the corresponding operating costs. This approach makes it possible to offer an exceptional price-quality ratio, even to customers who choose to purchase their jewel in the showrooms in Antwerp or Paris.

Buying a diamond engagement ring online at BAUNAT can take place with complete security, at the best price-quality ratio and in the comfort of your preferred location.