BAUNAT, the jeweller for your diamond engagement ring

This informative website about diamond jewellery was created by the Belgian diamond jewellery brand, BAUNAT.


baunatBAUNAT is an innovative and dynamic Belgian brand of high quality diamond jewellery offering the best price-quality ratio.

BAUNAT‘s philosophy is that true beauty and natural charm come from within and are the result of inner balance and purity. With this philosophy in mind, BAUNAT diamond jewellery is designed by talented designers who are commissioned to create modern timeless diamond jewels or to reinvent existing classics into enduring pieces of pure and balanced lines.

BAUNAT diamond jewels are handcrafted in the finest materials processed by the best Belgian craftsmen.

BAUNAT is located in Antwerp, the heart of the diamond trade since 1447. For over 100 years the families behind BAUNAT have selected the highest quality diamonds directly at the source in Antwerp. Moreover BAUNAT can rely on a stable group of shareholders all of whom have built a successful career in a specific sector in or outside the jewellery and diamond industry.

Finally, through its highly efficient inventory management and selling its collections largely online, BAUNAT is able to offer beautiful diamond jewellery at exceptional prices.

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